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After side-stepping away from our usual fodder yesterday we needed something to jolt us back into line. Looking into our memory card of goodies we found Lucy. She of the savage style and heart-breaking gaze!

We only had her for a split second as she was on her way to art school but you know how the old saying goes, when you spot a Street-Punk Riot-grrrl derivative mix walk your way well you damn well pick up your camera and politely ask if you can shoot them. Or in this case, ask their teacher. Kind of awkward but we swore upon our wholesomeness.

But how great is this? It’s like the artful amalgamation of everything good (self-expression, a little gypsy punk, a little Bikini Kill) paired with all the opportunities of modern day. Did I say opportunities? I meant, social media. The reason I say this is because Lucy managed to track us down and reference us on her blog, which in turn brought us to her online store, which in turn resulted in the following link to said store.

If that isn’t a beautiful example of creative capitalism in action then we don’t know what is.Malcom and Viv would be proud!

Photos by Dom on Nikon D4

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